Dr. Sikandar Shaheed who was martyred during duty krona during the time

Dr. Sikandar Shaheed who was martyred during duty krona during the time.

Today I tremble while writing for the first time.
Tears in the eyes
The heart of sadness is just torn in such a status of sadness, it came out.

On June 2020, 6, when the outbreak of krona is at the peak, Dr. Sikandar Shaheed, who had completed his job in the same way, presented himself for the patients of krona and far away from his district. In the emergency of khushab district khushab, the duties of duty started performing duty on krona counter.

Friends forbid that they said to change duty but Dr. Sikandar Shaheed replied that in the days of war, coward and mir jaffar and mir sadiq leave the field with fear of the enemy.
I will fulfill the oath of msy̰ḥạỷy̰ that I took, and if Allah wills, the dangerous enemy will compete with krona to the last extent. The day of death is to come, but how can I am the people of Pakistan and the patients of krona. Leave it only that they have a disease of krona

During the same duty, Dr. Sikandar Himself became victim of krona, first minor symptoms of fever, then suddenly the war of krona became intense.
The power of Dr. Sikandar Shaheed has answered, which the germs of krona attacked his whole body and ended multiple organs including lungs and Dr. Sikandar Shaheed was put on the vanity liter.
But nature was acceptable to Dr. Sikandar was called from his lord and he was martyred because of the krona.

The birth of second daughter on the swimsuit of Dr. Sikandar Shaheed of Dera Ghazi Khan who was martyred by duty krona during duty krona
First daughter two years old
May Allah bless both of them with good luck. Amen.
Family should be supported by giving the rank of martyr to Dr. Sikandar who was martyred during the punjab government.

Indeed, money is not the alternative of life, but now two orphan innocent girls and widow need patronage on the government level to spend the rest of the life

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