Egyptian graduate step 1 experience

( Egyptian graduate step 1 experience )

1st of all, the goal of writing this experience is to give hope to all fighters here , and also i was inspired by many experiences here and its time to pay it forward :smiley:

and also This is not the typical experience with super short time and super intelligent student etc.

But my Strength was consistency and never giving up …

So This journey started long time ago while being in collage , i started hearing about USMLE during my 4th year by coincidence from a colleague and then searched many experiences and thought wow this is so easy 6 months reading one book and done :rofl: was so naive of course i spent around 2 months only watching Turco >> frustrated my plan was to take exam after 4th year (unrealistic) so i started doubting my abilities but i didn’t give up

kept going anyway through Kaplan as i enjoyed the learning process and the new teaching method for me back then,

so Fast forward had new plan to take it during 6th year before exam and many had done that and that’s doable but i couldn’t unfortunately to dump collage completely and focus on USMLE so after going superficially and intermittently through materials i took nbme 13 and got 200 :open_mouth: noway i can take it now im far beyond my destination :frowning:

so focused only on my collage exams for couple of months and postponed step 1 after graduation

so now im a graduate and have full year no distractions no college rounds , attendance nor exams i have no excuse

So here im again starting read FA superscribed Uw and started watching BB After covering those took

UWSA1 and got 247 ( not so good not bad)

did another round of uw and then i was old it’s time to memorize FA not just reading

so i spent around 1 month trying that by reading and writing and some anki but that was a mistake cause i stopped solving during this period (DON’T STOP SOLVING AND PRACTICING THAT LONG)

as i took nbme 21 after that and got 230 (was expecting more and i thought i was more ready than that ) so i was devastated at beginning but then it fueled me to study more actively and be more focused so i started AMBOSS did their study plan with 70 blocks or so 5 blocks /day and was a great review in short time and took an offline nbme 17 and got around 12-15 mistakes which made me feel good and that im improving after 47 mistakes in nbme 21,

then started reviewing FA and discussing with partner ( and FYI mostly i read fa with sp throughout the journey )+ shelfnotes+ 100 cases ethics+ uw biostat review

took nbme 24 :235 :(( crying , cause ive done everything i can do and i want to end this journey but my goal is higher at least give me 240

but after whining and crying for a day or so i decided im gonna set a date after one month and give my max potential during and that’s it

so this month what made the BIG difference ELHMDOLLAH i reviewed my mistakes on nbme24 and started to see where are my weakness and then solve as many q as i can from rx , uw , amboss blocks mainly on my weakness and used some offline nbmes to guide also what to cover and to focus on

So this Reverse studying method was the key for me instead to study and then solve , u solve and see where are ur mistakes and then study it ,dont do my mistakes and keep rereading passively u wouldn’t find any improvement dont waste ur time like me

i also watched as much BB as i can it helped alot

Last week i solved AMBOSS self assessment and saw my weakness and covered ( it was 257 received after exam😂)

saw 1st chapters of pathoma

reviewed shelfnotes from Dorian anki

took nbme18 :247 i was so happy cause it’s first time to see this high number

day-after UWSA2:256 happy again

then free 120 :90% i was so happy that i stopped studying and went out with a friend :rofl::rofl:

day before exam as u can see im not that person that have a plan so i had no clue what to do so i read rapid review at end of FA was easy solved some anki immune and then went to bed at 8 pm >>>> 11 pm cant sleeep froom palpitations so i took indral and slept ELHMDOLLAH


actually i was so calm unexpectedly maybe indral was still working who knows😂 i used to be very very very anxious while solving online nbmes

so i solved 2 blocks and then took a break went to toilet eat a biscuit and some nescafe and went back then i took small breaks after each block except one block i took longer break to eat a sandwich

while solving i was sa sad i felt it’s so haaaard harder than nbme18 uwsa2 i wasn’t sure of any answer many experiments but i thought deeply didnt skip any just guessed so i was so frustrated after exam and thought i wont even make it to 240

worst 3 weeks of waiting i had no clue super anxious but FINALLY report score and i couldn’t believe my eyes even till now ELHMDOLLAH

so finally my hard work payed offfffff , it maybe a very tough frustrating journey but if i did it u can do it

and also as u see i had a long journey and had lots of sp through who helped me a lot,and supported me at those hard times, i wish them all success and happiness they deserve

special THANKS to my late stage partners : otic ganglia / fa-goljan / maher Sy : isa u all will get the great score u deserve i have no doubt <3

and also Special thank u to my 1st sp kimmel wilson who was there from day1 offering all support and encouragement even after taking exam himself, no words can describe my appreciation .

sorry for lengthy not well organized experience , hope it was beneficial and will be happy to answer any of your q