Embassy in Paris summarizes the epidemic of Covid-19 virus

Embassy in Paris summarizes the epidemic of Covid-19 virus in France 🇫🇷 as follows.

1 ️⃣ Statistics on Wednesday 1th. July 2563 (at 14.00 pm) ))

▶️ Total of infected patients from Test PCR examination. (918 increase)

▶️ Healing at the hospital. 8,336 people are 106 new patients and the number of patients treated at the hospital. Decreased from the previous day 200 and 76,549 healers (275 increase)

▶️ 582 bad condition, 17 new patients and 20 patients decreased from the previous day.

▶️ deceased at the hospital 19,364 people (18 increase) and 18 deaths at nursing home and at social medical center (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,497 (statistic of 30 June. Oh, my God. By the Kor Public Health will update again on 7 July. July. ) ** Total of 29,861 deaths (18 increase) **

▶️ 1.4 % of all detected viruses and clusters of 91 viral epidemic nationwide (3 increase) by 2 provinces in the most worrisome situation. Guyane and Mayotte

✳️ Note: A. Public Health France will report statistics only Monday-Friday (except public holidays)


2 ️⃣ Sales of new cars in France is getting better.

New car sale starts in June. Oh, my God. 1.2 % after government has implemented measures to support French automotive industry, especially for subsidy to buy new cars, electric cars and hybrid cars from 1 June. Oh, my God. Such subsidy is claimed to reach 1/3 of the ceiling of subsidy to buy the first 2 hundred thousand new cars.

However, on average, in the first half of 2563, new cars are still selling down 38.6 % (715,802 cars) as new cars are heavily reduced since the month of 2563 July. - P. July. (Maximum decrease in April Oh, my God. At 88.8 %) The most car manufacturer can sell cars in June. Oh, my God. Mercedes (43.9 % increase) and BMW (37.5 % increase) followed by Hyundai’s electric / hybrid vehicles (27.3 % increase) and Toyota (16.7 % increase) while Renault can sell cars. 6.5 but PSA group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel) still have 9.1 % down sales.


3 ️⃣ The impact of Covid-19 crisis on Airbus company.

On 30 June Sep. 2563 Airbus has announced that it has to reduce 11 % or 14,931 employees worldwide. (4,952 French / 5,100 Germany / 1,700 UK / Spain 900 people and domestic. 1,300 others) in the summer of 2564, part will affect 2 children: B. Airbus Stelia Aerospace in France (1,464 items) and B. Premium Aerotec in Germany, but it doesn’t affect the helicopter and space (Defense and Space) business. Due to measures that the company has taken previously inadequate to guarantee the long-term survival of the company. (such as decrease in commercial aircraft production 1/3) The company needs to adjust commercial aviation action after being affected by covid-19 crisis to be able to become a world leader in aerospace and aerospace by ¾ for companies (around 7 ten thousand. Million euro in 2562) but most affected by covid-19 crisis. The need for new airplane is expected to buy 60 % down to 40 % in the next 5 years.

Airbus will negotiate with Labor Union delegates so that there will be no voluntary layoffs to try to take existing social measures, including voluntary retirement (and compensation) and chômage measures. Partiel long term, which in this class, several labor unions have disagreed with the need to reduce the number of employees to nearly 15,000 people. The company still has 7,600 already ordered aircrafts and only cancelled. Small amounts and companies should focus on the production of small aircraft (A20 model) and consider asking for government assistance to increase funding.

About this, minister. A… Economic and fiscal see that Airbus’s decreasing employees as an overkill act and Minister. Communication has been interviewed for TV on BFMTV on 1 July. July. If the company takes long-term chômage partiel measures, it can reduce 1,500 layoffs and pollution government-backed new airplane production project, it can reduce layoffs. 500 more in France by the government let’s limit layoffs as little as possible