Epiglottitis treatment in a kid?

  1. assess stability of patient to see if they need to be trach-ed or can wait until the OR for intubation as intubation outside of OR is blind and can cause hemorrhage and death

  2. admin O2 and steroids and antibiotics

If epiglotitis is suspected. Prepare for intubation and consult ent. The antiobiotics used are ceftriaxone or cefotaxime which are given IV. Also give oxygen . Not sure about steroids. I thought they were for patients with croup. Also x ray of neck is taken post intubation.

Mubashir Shahid
steroids and epinephrine are the cornerstones of croup

Steroids, O2, antibiotics, and airway management are the hallmarks of epiglott treatment. Steroids can be used in the management but secondary in importance to the others