Fạrmy̰ chicken Medical information


Fạrmy̰ chicken :rooster:
Medical information

Chicken today is the favorite diet of the rich poor, small big all. It is the same as the custom of two decades. In fact it is admin means chicks. Therefore their meat is called chicken. The chicken is cock or hen.
If you look at the breeding of this chicken, we know that a fạrmy̰ chick only gets a full chicken size in months. Finally why?
While the desi chick is like a chicken in six months, the full chicken is to be in the year. The diet which is given to the diet, is thrown in the same cw steroids and chemicals that increase their breeding.
Apart from this, the blood of various animals in their feed, which is found in the altar, animals of animals, dead animals are included in this feed.
A few years ago, a private tv channel presented a documentary film on the altar of lahore in which it was shown about the food of these fạrmy̰ hens. Most of this food consists of blood, ậnty̰ں and by. -
By eating this feed, these newborn admin are able to reach our stomach in 6 TO 8 weeks.
But it is worth that these admin :rooster: are unable to fly away despite being grown. because their body is expands and suja, which is amazing of ạsٹỷrạỷڈz. Types of ạsٹỷrạỷڈz body builder and wrestler use. It is because of which their last age goes to bed.
The Desi chick in the contest of this fạrmy̰ chicken :rooster: is the only one who wants to hold the chick for 6۔8 months, so the big man also gets teeth while the fạrmy̰ chicken :rooster: catch a child easily.
This fạrmy̰ chicken has been customs in our society in the name of " High Protein, cholesterol free meat even dr. gentlemen also suggest all the meat and also suggest the fạrmy̰ chicken :rooster: which is the reason for the diseases.
Let’s see this high-Protein White meat behaviour.
:diamonds: 1: Obesity, fat on the body especially on kidney and liver.
:diamonds: 2: pain of nukkad, especially full of bones.
:diamonds: 3: the signs of puberty soon in children girls.
:diamonds: 4: the extreme ḵmzwrpڑjạnạ of the body’s immune system due to eating the meat of hens, which is the reason for the day to be sick.
:diamonds: 5: the complaint of the days of the days in weakness and women in men.
This is a few special behaviour that will appear in someone soon and after a few times. The taste of the language and the skin is very insignificant.
As we eat, we find the same health as we eat. Increase the use of heightened vegetables in diet.
Bltrty̰b fish in meat :tropical_fish::fish::dolphin::whale:, goats or sheep :ram::goat:, camel :camel::dromedary_camel: and finally big :ox::water_buffalo: is the usefulness of meat.
Let us take a look at our food for your own healthy generations. and the skill of living in the mahath society…
God bless you.
May Allah grant us wisdom and health ameen