Feb 2020 recalls 13-2-20


Feb 2020 recalls 13-2-19
Tocolytics in cord prolapse- s/c Terbuteline
Eosinophilic Oesophagitis-- Budesonite
ECG-Pericarditis- tt indomethacin ,IWMI,3 rd degree Heart Block-stop digoxin first
Bulimia Nervosa- Parotomegaly
Perforated GI
Hydatid Cyst - CT
Colles Fracture
Bronchiolitis mng- admission for 02 therapy
Spontenious pneumothorax 15%- aspirate,review next day by x ray
SAH - pregnancy headache ,blurring of vision - normal bp - what is diagonostic-CT
Microscopic polyangitis
Charcot marry tooth
Septic Arthritis
Painless hematuria -55 yr
Herpes meningitis
Herpes shingles
5 yr contraceptive- Mirena
primary Ammnorrhea
MDD 2wk sigecaps
Substance Abuse
Alzheimer’s Disease worsening after a drug trails - to stop trial to whom take permission - Ethics Committee,Drug manufacturers,doctor, pt , gurdians

Spider phobia after seeing movie, dreaming about spider ,all time spider, initial -CBT, Show a picture, give diary full of spider pictures,
Dog phobia- initial tt Show dog by window
TV show alien giving msg that they will destroy world- he want to save the world–ans Delusion of reference
Disease worsening after tt ,how to study very early and effectively in short time ANS- RCT
Breast CA screening no family history screen 2 yrly from 50 —2 question
Child came from foreign trip - bloody panty discharge - Vulvovaginitis FB
Post ovulatory hormone to detect ovulation has already occurred—ans Progesterone
Skin pic - significant colour changer with a incision below significant in history h/o tibial fracture
Hbs +ve middle prick in health care worker initial antibody cheak
Rubella infection contact preg-28 wk no symptoms initial mngmnt
Venlafaxine- Drowsy-initial cheak electrolyte
Serotonin + tramadol-serotonin syndrome stop serotonin
Ecstasy (MMDA) methylamphetamine
Monday asking for leave h/o Alcohol drink huge amount qns - Alcohol Abuse
Cocaine Drug screen fever - Urinary drug screen
Hcv Mother - See HCV pcr
Green ear discharge-Pseudomonas
Cricket ball on eye- Blow out fracture
CXR mass next -CT
Young dysphagia h/o Asthma initial inv
Metastatic melanoma CT
calcium oxalate stone recurrent–Hydrochlorthyazide
Infective tenosynovitis after rose Thron stunk on finger PIC
Rou en Y anastomosis break - Free gas in abdomen CT
KNee laterally unstable anterio posteriorly stable - Knee brace
Involuntary Psychiatry admission- further risk assessment- h/o attempt to escape
Autism spectrum disorders
ASO titre shahriar’s Medical academy
Child fever murmur - initial Blood culture
Child vomitting - morning headache- Tumour Medulloblastoma