For all medical professional

For all medical professionals

Only 1 pen, phone and water bottle (disposable better)

Packed food in disposal

Decontaminate phone

Do not touch anything

Everything is contaminated unless cleaned in your presence

No watches no rings no bangles no dangling earrings

Hairs tied and covered

Heavy load cut it

Shift to scrubs full sleeves.

Clean your desk,door knob,computer,workstation yourself or in your presence

Safe distance always

Avoid lifts

Closed space

Do not touch lift buttons

Get them cleaned often

Do not touch papers and files

Electronic entries

Decontaminate car handles


Keep door opens

Minimal touching

Wear goggles

Wear masks if patient contact or in busy area

Social distancing poorly practiced in hospitals

Keep 1 m

No elective job at hospital

Wear footwear which covers foot fully. Plastic or rubber easy to disinfect

Leave all your steth, knee hammers and other medical stuff in hospital itself. Don’t take home

Empty ur bowel and bladder before you wear your ppe

Cover your head with cap. Wear double glove

Keep your palms together when you see patients to remind you not to touch them.

Don’t use stethoscope. These r not normal times

Ring up home when u r starting from hospital.

Someone at home should keep the front door open( so that you don’t have to touch the calling bell or door handle) and a bucket of water with washing soap powder or bleaching powder added to it in the front door.

U should keep your things( car keys, pen, sanitizer bottle, phone) in a box outside the door.

Wash your hands in the bucket and stand in the water for a few minutes. Meanwhile us a tissue and sanitizer and wipe the items you have placed in the box and the box.

Wash your hands with soap water again

Now enter the house without touching anything.

The bathroom door is kept open by someone and a bucket of detergent soap water is ready. You take off all your clothes including inner wear and soak inside the bucket

Then take a head bath with a shampoo and body bath with soap

Wash your clothes/ put in washing machine with high temperature settings and dry clothes in direct sunlight

Take care

Issues in interest of all the Doctors.