For obsgyn which teacher is better marrow sakshi mam or deepti mam

for obsgyn which teacher is better marrow sakshi mam or deepti mam

I know that! both are excellent I don’t want to compare but I have to start obsgyn so I need someone’s notes…its just opinion from the ones who have studied already! bcs I cant have both notes and study and then decide

You can’t compare two great faculty in terms of teaching…

Both are excellent in their way of teaching…

I have done DAMS live classes last yr . I have Deepti mam’s note . This year I am doing Sakshi mam’s classes from MARROW . So I think I am eligible to answer this question. N I will say , if you want to make your concepts right , it Sakshi mam’s classes. N if you want to remember whatever in your notes till the last day, it’s Deepti mam’s notes.

Both are great. I have read notes from both. Still if i have to choose only one, i’ll go with Deepti mam’s notes.

I believe you haven’t heard about Puneet Bhojani … that’s why you are asking about sakshi deepti mam.

Weakness of both these teachers is strength of Puneet sir.

What’s that weakness?

Ans- Volume of notes.

What you search for in best teacher?

Less you should give time to the subject and more you should gain, that includes- crisp notes, lesser points for mugging, easy to revise and longer to remember.

Unfortunately, both your options lag far behind in all these factors.

There is a phrase in Hindi- oonchi dukaan, feeka pakwan. This what they both are.

Sakshi mam best … u will never regret

As deepti mam notes as similar as sakshi mam notes … i studied from both. In end i prefer only sakshi mam notes … all points are concised and represented beautifully