Full Experience: USMLE Step 1:

Full Experience: USMLE Step 1:

Exam Date: March 6, 2020


SCORE: 248

Preparation time: 3.5 months


Top resources:

-UWorld: Started it along with FA. Did it systems wise first along with FA then random-timed. Did uworld twice. Initially 1 block per day on the first few weeks but then I find that I am going too slow. Added several blocks on the succeeding weeks. Until on my last weeks I did 4 blocks per day. (I know, I was kinda going too fast, but I panicked because my exam is coming nearer).

First pass: 70%

Second pass: 88%

-First Aid: Revise. Revise. Revise. For me, I didn’t have much time so I did a full cover to cover just two times.

Other resources:

-Pathoma: Did not really use it except for the first 3 chapters a day before the exam.

Assessments- didn’t really start doing the assessments until I was getting 70s on my Uworld blocks

UWSA1 (6 weeks out)-256

NBME 19 (6 weeks out)- 25 mistakes (230 I think)

NBME 20 (5 weeks out)- 233

NBME 16 (5 weeks out)- 240 Forgot mistakes but based on previous peer reports I got this score

NBME 21 (4 weeks out)- 241

NBME 22 (3 weeks out)- 238

NBME 24 (2 weeks out)- 251

NBME 18 (1 week out)- 258

UWSA 2 (5 days out)- 257

Free 120 (3 days out)-88%

Amboss Free SA- 257

I guess my assessment scores are all over the place. And I don’t know why it was so erratic. Maybe because I was rushing through with my preparation. Exam day definitely is a challenge. I was so pumped up during the first 2 blocks but then I was falling asleep on the remaining of the blocks. Go drink your coffee if you must.

A lot of weird questions on the actual exam so be prepared. Closest to the exam would be the new NBMEs and Uworld.

If you have any more questions, just comment below.