Give back time. I thank everyone in the group for sharing their stories


Give back time. I thank everyone in the group for sharing their stories.

Ck score - PASS (239)

Free 120- 83%
NBME8-224 (1 week before exam)
Uwsa 2- 241 ( 2 weeks before exam)
Uwsa 1 - 248( 1 month before exam)

Resources : main - uworld , FA ck
Little bit of online meded

Dont freakout with nbme scores they are hard. In my case uwsa2 turnedout to be the best predictor.

During my step 1 i had very bad sleep and that had a very bad impact on my score. So this time i took melatonin had good night sleep and went to exam with fresh mind.Took 3 breaks for quick bites , Tea and toilet. I used noise cancellation whenever i had surrounding disturbance. Took in-place breaks 2-5mins for remaining block. Time was 2-3 mins left for each block which i used to review marked. Was not confident about abstract q so used that time for reviewing marked so i had 5mins to review that block. Felt tired after 6 blocks but quickly gained energy after break. I finished exam and felt like I might get very bad score as there were new q , some wrongs that i realized after finishing certain blocks. But i just kept all that aside and kept doing each q without spending or wasting time on doubtful ones. (I marked them and reviewed in end)

I am an IMG and a old graduate so people always broke my moral by discouraging but I never gaveup. I am a kinesthetic learner , so i made my own written notes during uw first round. Second round i again made notes of concepts i got wrong, formulas , cutoffs anything that needed memorization.

I studied almost 10hrs everyday during last month. Took 1 day off during weekends when i was tired. I was actively studying with sp or making notes if am alone. (Some said it wont work but it worked for me) I took simulation tests twice by doing 8 uw blocks like exam day 1 month before and 2 weeks before. (Dont do this close to exam week)

Quick tip: Every person is different , know what type of learner u are then u are almost ready. No matter if u go slow but u’ll be there. Go to exam with Good night sleep , fresh mind and confidence. All the best.