Guidance for Final few days before exams:


Guidance for Final few days before exams:

:white_check_mark: Commonly our preparation suffer maximum during final 2 months before exam.

:white_check_mark:It starts with feeling of exhaustion due to endless syllabus , and fear of incomplete coverage.

:white_check_mark: Monotony of studying MCQ is also a factor for loosing interest into preparation and studies.

:white_check_mark: We often loose confidence and hope at this critical moment which will push you further down.

:white_check_mark:This moment is most crucial and critical for creating differences.
Here susceptibility to loose "right track " is increased.

:white_check_mark:Here you have to wake up yourself, dont engage in other sort of activities (e.g.travels,tours,movies etc) which will provide you transient happiness only.

:white_check_mark:This moment will be so dull and depressive , but you can come out of such moments by trying following techniques:

:cherry_blossom:#Donot neglect your own notes , few hours of revision will cover many high yield facts and uplift your morale for studying some more (keep aside your MCQ books for few hours or days, if it looks monotonous!!!)

:cherry_blossom:#Do it for few hours or few days, you will find new energy in yourself and confidence will be rejuvenated .

:cherry_blossom:#This will save your crucial time and revision of few topics or subjects will be covered successfully
:cherry_blossom:#Dull feeling comes in phases of 1 to 3 days and spoils our crucial preparation time ; so these few hours/days are another battleground to fight tactfully by revising your own notes.

:cherry_blossom:#Take one chapter and see all the diagrams and observe info given below it.

:cherry_blossom:#Start discussion of some high yield topic with your friend ,it will also motivate you.

:white_check_mark: By doing things like above mentioned, you can hold your nerves and successfully overcome those dull moments of few days .
Once you have regained momentum then again restart your MCQ oriented preparations.

:white_check_mark:Keep repeating like this and NEVER GIVE UP.

:white_check_mark:Aim should be not to loose a single moment in frustration and utilise it to maximum level.

Always remember,

“Hard work and agony of sacrifice will never go in vain,it will be returned one day with compound interest of Glorious VICTORY”