Guys as currently we are not having treatment for Covid 19

Guys as currently we are not having treatment for Covid 19, as it has already spread to community level, is there any advantage of testing ?
Why not make everyone home quarantine, social distancing, masks compulsory for everyone and treat everyone with respiratory distress as per protocol???

It is also a great chance that this pandemic become endemic.

Testing is important so that contacts of the positive people are traced and quarantined as well. If you just ask people to quarantine on a personal basis not everyone will take it seriously so aggressive testing is required to know the actual disease burden and then take actions proportionally.

I meant after it gets over there will remain few areas which are favourable can have this disease for years to come

does india has resources to handle, if a huge population say 1 lakh person comes positive in next 10 days. Its better to channelise resources in better facilities for severe cases.

Those 1 lakh people will spread the disease to atleast new 3 lakh people as then those 3 to 9 as the secondary attack rate is very high in this infection. One case infects 3 more people on an average. So it’s better to recognize those 1 lakh in initial stages. That’s the theory behind aggressive testing and quarantine. That’s what South Korea did and Germany did. Spm is a very important subject.

Govt. Hv not mask in adequate amt for health care personal …how everyone get mask …nd nd how everyone get tretment …RD …without …healthcare provider which are very less in no. As campare to popultion burden.
Aapko lagta h … People itne innocent h ki home quarantine ko follow kregi …abi to maan nhi rge kiye huye h…
Nd …villages m health facility …kese provide karwa payege

I agree with u sir …but govt. Policy maker wants …to keep isolation n quarantine only suspected or confirmed cases …to make them separate …n identify …so that prevent ownself …get infected …thats why a dirty poltics running by side on social media.
Hum to bus bli ka bakra h …deshbkti k naam pe

At stage 3…nothing can stop corona …either do permanent strict lockdow n for 2 month or die…only 21 days lockdown is not gonna work.its just like illusion to common ppl…at dis stage protect urself first…isolate urself…within one or 2 wks d situation will gonna worse and then worst…only doctors know whats gonna happen next bcs we r well aware of community spread…but we cannot do anything…also govt. Must strengthen the reserch methods to find treatment of corona…its d only hope.

Yes, bhai ab stage 3 hai…ab kuch bhi nhi ho skta …corona will definately spread …bs isolation hi bcha skti hai…our life is in our hands…

there is no official govt statement regarding this today itself health ministry cleared there is no community spread yet

Aren’t we following the same. Lockdown is meant to serve the same purpose. We are already testing few in the hope of getting treatment meanwhile