Hello everyone.. neet pg 2021 rank 15k

Hello everyone… neet pg 2021 rank 15k … it’s my 2nd attempt (a drop year ) … Want general medicine … from previous year data I am getting seat in semi government college with good patient load but fees were around 18lacks / year… plan to take loan from bank …family wants me to join but should I ?? I want to know that is it worth it to take loan nd then re pay it for years to get MD medicine ??? Like from current scenarios is it really a value for money deal ?? Or should I re-attempt ?? In a great dilemma … kindly help everyone…

Reattempt. It is costly affair and will not get any good patient exposure

You ll recover that much in a year, take it

Md medicine is shit never take it

no baba it is not shit don’t say shit 😄😄 it is very broad branch with many lots of opportunities sirf ek table khurai leke you can start practice not much infrastructure needed

Try another one. Next NEET is few months ahead. Exert your full effort once again.

Go dnb genaral medicine