Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence of late


Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence of late. With CK prep and application process, it has been quite hectic. Sharing my OET experience here.

I took my OET test on 12th of September.The score was released on 1st of October. After the score is released, you need to give access for ECFMG to verify it. I had prepped fleetingly for 4-5 days, two days of exclusive prep. I used all the FREE materials provided by OET, prep hour with steve and E2 language. I also got 4 letters corrected by Benchmark(paid for this). My tips for you is the following.

  1. You know how good your linguistic skills, so you decide which part you need more focus on. I had taken TOEFL & IELTS before, and I knew I needed more focus on writing.

  2. Go through all the material provided by OET and have an understanding of the test pattern.

  3. Remember this is only an English exam and not a medical exam, and particularly during speaking test, remember the interlocutor is not a medical professional. So if we don’t know about the condition try to bluff/or say things which is fluent and empathetic and reassuring.

  4. Different letter editing service has different opinions on the nuances of letter writing format. Stick to the guidances of official OET’s recommendations.

5)Learn different empathising sentences to use in different circumstances. It will be easy to use those in both role plays that way,be careful to avoid repetition.Your responses shouldn’t sound learnt, even though you have learnt them.

6)I made a list of pointers to focus on regarding speaking as well as writing to read before the test, this will help to focus on how to start and end the letter, same goes with speaking.

  1. Timing is very important in listening part.This might need a little practice. Restroom breaks are not allowed during listening and the first and last 10 minutes of reading and writing. So go easy on liquids on test day. I had a little struggle with this.

  2. During speaking, make sure you speak very loudly as you would be wearing a mask.Your passive responses like, ‘mmhmm’, ‘I see’, ‘I understand’ etc should be heard loud enough to be recorded in the device.

  3. On test day, there are multiple screenings so get there early enough.

  4. I used 6B pencils to darken the answer sheets, this helps you mark it faster. Use 2B for writing.

  5. Practice speaking with friends family or anyone you find online. Thank you Mruna D for being my speaking partner.

Remember, it is an english exam not medical exam.Master writing format, time management with listening, and have calm nerves during speaking test. You have got this. When I was panicking a day before the test, Mruna D said, if we can deal with usmle steps, OET is nothing. Have faith and you got this! Goodluck people!

my scores:

Reading- A (450)

Listening- A (450)

Speaking- B (420)

Writing- B (390)