Hello how to get good rank in pg entrance exam?

Hello how to get good rank in pg entrance exam ?

That is a question whose answer has eluded many since ages.

However, the need of the hour is to study smartly,

Study-revise-repeat… And in addition practice questions and appear in mock tests, learn from mistakes and most importantly take it easy. Its sincerity what matters. And not seriousness

Organized planning and multiple revision. U can score a rank within 1k. I can guarantee u

Reading revision for sure…but most imp thing solving GTs ,TEST PAPERS…thank me later…the last things are the most most imp…solve and solve as many

Everything is predestined…

Don’t worry.

If u don’t have PG notes then better not make now as whole of the yr. Will be wasted in making notes & u will miss out REVISION (the most imp. Factor).

& i don’t suggest watching videos also.

The best thing that can be done is buy DAMS talking CRS (its very very cheap , all subjects at 10-12k ) & quickly mark imp. Topics from that CRS like for e.g; upper limb u can get oriented in just 45 minutes , then understand & learn those topics & for revision purpose just tick mark/highlight them in CRS book hardcopy .

Main thing is understanding rest which will take time .

Get marrow questn bank & pearls , practise a lot .

Also get DAMS subject wise tests , u should plan ur chapters for reading/revision according to the syllabus of DAMS SWT .

When u are done with all subjects , join T&D of DAMS .

DAMS T&D are diff. From anyother institute as they start with short subjects then go on to long one & finally cover subjects like anat. & bio. Chem.