Hello, I’ve had dermatitis on my feet and hands for over 20 years

Hello, I’ve had dermatitis on my feet and hands for over 20 years. I had eczema when I was a kid and in my mid 20s my hands and feet erupted. I’ve seen countless dermatologists, been on strong steroids (clobetasol propionate) for as long as I can remember. Tried acetrin and light treatments along with the steroids and had limited success. The steroids work better when I cover them with gloves. Steroid shots into my hands help but they wear off. My father had the same issue but his started in his 40s and went away when he was in his 60s. Doctor said his went away because his immune system started to slow down with age. I also have a nephew who had his hands erupt. This is definately hereditary. I also suffer from dermographism which comes and goes and my whole body itches. I started a cardio exercise routine during the lock down and things got better, but then my chest and neck started to get eczema patches probably from sweating more than usual and my hands came back. My hands go through a cycle. Start to itch, skin starts to thicken and turn yellow, I get fissures and flaking, fingertips crack. The itch is maddening. I can peel quarter size pieces of skin off my hands at times. My skin starts to heal but it’s almost too thin and I get cracks again. I would sometimes get a few weeks of close to normal hands but that rarely happens anymore. This leaves me open to infections which I’ve had several times but luckily antibiotics wiped them out. I’ve had doctors suggest some serious medications that suppress your immune system…the same anti rejection medication they give to organ transplant recipients, but I passed because I have a history of getting bad infections. Has anyone on this group had something similar (as bad or worse) on their hands and successfully treated it for any length of time? If so what helped?