Help my baby has (big) boobs


Help my baby has (big) boobs

Your baby has just been born, for your greatest happiness. However, you noticed a symptoms that worries you: your boy or little girl has swollen boobs. What is this due and should we be worried about it?

What is Infant Pathogens?

Infant mastitis is characterized by a slight swelling of the breasts. She can touch newborn babies, regardless of their gender, around birth. As amazing as it may seem, babies are born with boobs. The typical symptoms are: “The baby’s breasts are simply a little swollen and you can feel, under the areola, the breast gland, which is a little harder”, says Jacques Lansac.

What are the causes of Infant Pathogens?

The of the newborn " is a phenomenon related to the presence of female hormones secreted by the placenta during pregnancy he continues. Although it can be impressive, the must not be a cause of concern for young parents. The specialist says: " This is a very benign breast swelling. Everything will get back to order quickly, as soon as mom’s hormones are back to normal, since the placenta has gone after birth ".

What are the care needed in case of infant mastitis?

Infant mastitis does not require special care. You just have to wait for the swelling to subside. Above all, don’t squeeze boobs or don’t do any wrong manipulation. Any wrong gesture could prolong the phenomenon.

Should I consult in case of infant mastitis?

As for the evolution of mastitis, Professor Lansac is reassuring: “It is not necessary to consult in case of mastitis: everything will be in order, usually in one or two weeks”. If your baby suffers from of so be reassured and simply patient: this is a temporary problem.

Are there any baby mastitis that can be a problem?

Don’t worry! “There’s no mastitis that settle over time, there’s no worries to have”. A good reason to enjoy your baby without thinking about it!

Jacques Lansac, Professor of Obstetrics Gynecology