Here is my STUDY PLAN for Step 1 exam

Long post alert!!!
Here is my STUDY PLAN for Step 1 exam.
Uworld + FA + Pathoma + Nbmes is the golden rule.
Other resources: Kaplan; Boards and beyond (b&b); Amboss; UsmleRx; Sketchy; Anki
Stage 1: System wise: B&b :arrow_right: FA :arrow_right: UsmleRx questions - 2 months
B&b videos gives you a foundation for each system, even answers some nbme questions! After finishing each organ system videos, read FA and do related UsmleRx questions. UsmleRx is easy and helps you retain FA facts. I did few questions during my last stage of prep. It was not very helpful. It comes to the best use when done in early. Sketchy micro and pharmacology videos have pictorial presentation of microbes and drugs- fun to watch and helps to retain specific characteristics of bugs and drugs!

Stage 2: Uworld. Golden phase of prep! - 3 months.
System wise Uworld blocks :arrow_right: associated FA system -OR-
Random blocks of Uworld :arrow_right: associated FA topics
Make sure you read Uworld ‘word to word’ and understand every explanation. Not just the right option, read why the other options are wrong. Uworld is a STUDY TOOL. Do not worry about your percentages. Many do Uworld twice and some thrice, which compromises both the average score and percentile score. After doing UsmleRx and FA, you would easily get 50-60%. If you are not scoring 50%, it either means that you are lacking question solving strategies or that you are forgetting FA facts. Revise FA if you are forgetting FA. I will make a detailed post on question solving strategies soon. Once you finish Uworld first round, give nbme 21 and review ALL questions.
Stage 3: Crucial stage!
FA + 1-2 random Uworld blocks/day + Uworld biostatistics+ Pathoma + Anatomy self notes :arrow_right: 2-3 months
I would recommend to do wrong and marked questions instead of the whole Uworld question bank again, if you don’t have time. Once you are done with first round, you will remember most of the answer choices. So second round of Uworld won’t give you an accurate assessment, but is a revision of Uworld explanations. Doing Pathoma at this stage would refresh your pathology. Most of its content is covered in b&b, so it’s ok to do Pathoma in the last 3 months. In this way you will remember pathoma more efficiently. Revise FA along with Uworld blocks (this will be your 3rd revision!). Anatomy self notes has 100 important anatomy topics. They answer quite a few nbme questions but the real exam tests more on imaging studies. For eg, you would get CT or MRI images, and questions on them. So please make sure you are good with interpreting scans. Uworld biostatistics covers most of the required areas. Also make sure that you do Randy Neil’s YouTube biostats videos.
Do nbmes every week. You have 7 assessments left after nbme 21: nbme 20, 22, 23, 24, uwsa 2, 18 (follow the same order). You can skip 20 and 22 if you don’t want to spend much money on nbmes. Review ALL the nbme questions without fail and revise systems with low performance before giving next nbme. Do uwsa 2, 10 days before and nbme 18, 7 days before your exam date. In the last week don’t give any test, just keep revising your weak topics and biostatistics formulas.
Remember, preparing for step 1 is much more harder than the exam itself! Don’t prolong your prep. Avoid burning out by taking Sunday breaks. Exercise regularly and take a healthy diet.
You can do it!