Hey! here's how to master the step 1 with a tad of UW and FA for only $1!


hey! here’s how to master the step 1 with a tad of UW and FA for only $1!!
It took me a week to review Renal Pathology & Pharmacology from Pathoma, Kaplan, UW and FA and to understand it. I prepared these notes during my prep for step one, hybridizing facts and concepts from UW and FA, illustrating key words that show up in the question stem that’ll help you get to the diagnosis straightaway, and with the most relevant diagrams in Pathology. Trust me, one month or wk before the exam, don’t need to go through Pathoma/UW/FA again/NBMEs again. Just keep this in front and you’re done.
I know they’re a lot of resources available on the step 1 online but the only one YOU need is the one that’ll help you ACE the exam probably like nothing ever has. 260+ No big deal!/Just a number.
Either get them from me for $1 or buy them on Stuvia notes for $2.5. Coming up next will be the ones on Musculoskeletal, Skin and GI Pathology & Pharmacology only for $1!!depending on the reviews I get on this one. I need to go to Cleveland for clinical experience so earning this way isn’t a bad idea I guess. Other than that, just inbox me the topic u need help for, inc Patho, Pharma, Physio, Microbiology, Neuroanatomy.
Totally worth it. Get your high-yield skills ready for the exam. If u aren’t satisfied, get the money back from me! :slight_smile: Attached are a sample 2 or 3 pages.