Heyy Juniors who are going to start prep


Heyy Juniors who are going to start prep…Don’t fall on any trap of Dams Bhatia marrow prep etc etc so many are there… Don’t go by seeing posts like 240 or 270 or all 300 questions came from their notes…This is a buisness…See question asked in NEET are basic questions asked in a complicated way…These were the obvious topics which u have to read before sitting in a National Level Exam…Dont go blindly and asking seniors as to which class to follow which notes or which online app…Content is same everywhere…It’s u have to read and understand…If u want to take online app thn first try it’s trial content …If u can understand than only take that content…and before choosing Dams and BHATia just see which is near to u… Whatever u take just be confident with it …U can’t do 100 percent…If u like the way that particular teacher teaches and can understand than only take that app…Don’t go blindly… And it’s not about volume of content it’s abt how brief and consice is ur content…Its practically impossible to revise everything…u have to understand things…And acc to my view classrooms are always better than app and app qbank is best than book…But it’s my view…u have to give trial first…if u r okay than only take else don’t go by listing to other…As now is the time to try new things but after 1 month u won’t have time …If u feel u won’'t waste time on app thn go with app video lectures and if u feel ki u ll waste time and u need someone to teach u than take classroom… Believe me ur own handwritten notes are way better than printed material…Baaki try first than take…Content is almost same everywhere…

Don’t completely agree with you. I did dams and it made my preparation easy. And questions did come from notes. Just by doing notes , its tough to get within 1k-2k rank but one can manage a descent rank if class notes are combined with mcqs from marrow or some other source

Did you set NEETPG question this year?
like instead of just asking ‘morphine is C/I in biliary colic’ they wrote a long paragraph… Same here :thinking: