Hi there, this post is regarding GMC registration


Hi there, this post is regarding GMC registration.

It’s been 6 weeks to when I’ve applied for my registration and in the meantime I’ve sent as much supportive evidence as possible , including a long cover letter to the Asst. Registrar. I’ve been contacted by the Registration team with providing the following;

I need input on the following:

  1. I’ve been asked to submit the GEN 2 form, I’ve worked three jobs over two years and I’d be getting them filled by consultants in those positions. For my internship, I worked under several consultants, but the lead authority was with the consultant who was in charge of the Internship Committee, shall I just get the GEN 2 form filled out by her? Same case applies for my third job, it was ward based and I didn’t have a particular consultant supervise my position.

  2. I did a 2 month clinical attachment in UK , since it was an observership, the GEN 2 form doesn’t need to be filled out for that correct ? Or am I to fill out for that as well?

  3. I’ve seen many people post this email that GMC sends them. If I provide them all that is asked within the next few days, can anyone provide an idea from their experience as to when GMC is going to give a decision ? Because at the end of it all, the Assistant Registrar will decide my case.

I hope someone can shed light on this.

Thanking in advance. Cheers.