Home remedy for black heads

Home remedy for black heads

By the way, at any age you may have black heads problem, but in teenage and adulthood, it’s often the youngsters face it. Black heads are black or yellow tiny dimensions of hair follicals. [Ghadodi pits in the roots] are formed by the gathering of mud and dead pores.

Factors such as hormonal changes in the body, unreasonable use of cosmetic products, inappropriate care of skin, study and genetics can be the main cause of this problem. Black heads are usually made on the face, but they are on the nose, chest, waist, It can also appear on the neck, arm and shoulder, and if not treated regularly, this epidemic can also spread all over the body.

There are many types of treatments in the market for black heads, many types of medicines, creams, lotions etc. are found in the market, but the best method of treatment is home remedies containing natural ingredients which are on many ingredients in your kitchen. Contains and can easily be made at home and with them you can treat black heads in a few days.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a very useful source of treatment for black heads and acne. It is very effective in clearing the skin from dead skin and dirty.

• Solve two meal spoons of baking soda and mineral water thoroughly and make paste • Apply this paste to the affected place and massage softly

• Let this mask dry for a while before washing.

• Repeat this method once or twice a week


Cinnamon is used to eliminate and protect black heads

• Mix a tea spoon of ripped cinnamon and a tea spoon in lemon juice. Add a pinch of ginger powder in it. Spread this solution all over the face, and on the face for ten to fifteen minutes. Keep it up and then wash it with fresh water.

• The second way is that you mix a tea spoon of cinnamon powder with a spoon of pure honey and make a thick paste. Apply it to the affected place and keep it on overnight. Wash it with plain water in the morning. Best results Repeat this method for ten days.

Joe’s porch - Oat Mill

Joe’s porridge and yogurt mix is the best way to keep your skin clean from black heads.

• Take the porridge of need, add a tea spoon of honey and four pcs of tomato juice and make a strong paste of it.

• Rub it well on your face

• Wash it after ten minutes

• Repeat this recipe regularly to get clear skin

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used to treat acne but it has also been very effective for eliminating black heads. The vitamins and nutrients in lemon juice are very useful for all skin types.

• Add a few drops of pure honey on half cut lemon and gradually apply this lemon on your face especially on parts where black heads are high. Wash your face after ten minutes. Repeat twice a week.

• In addition, you can also make a fee cleaner by mixing lemon juice in milk or roses and use it several times a week for cleaning the face.

Green tea

Green tea is also used for black heads.

• Make paste by mixing the dry leaves of green tea in a little water with one eating spoon.

• Apply this paste for two to three minutes to the affected area. In case of slippery skin, add this paste to the affected area for a bit longer. This scrub goes deep and cleanses the slippery skin and opens the mosquitoes.

• Wash your face with light warm water.


The feature in honey works best for both facial skin and black heads. Honey moisture the skin as well as tightens it and gives your skin glow and freshness.

• Apply pure honey on your face and let it apply for ten minutes

• Wash it with light warm water after ten minutes.