How did you study medicine for the NEET PG? I am a Marrow Plan C user

I followed an unconventional approach to study Medicine.

I ensured that my 1st and 2nd year subjects were as strong as possible. When I was done with them, I solved Medicine Qbank of Marrow (without watching any videos).

I didn’t care about the number of questions which I got correct. i just kept on solving the questions using my pre existing knowledge and read the explanations thoroughly. I bookmarked those questions which I felt were super high yield.

Majority of topics in Medicine do not require a separate sitting.

Make sure you read ABG, ECG and Stroke.

I realised I saved a lot of time when I followed this approach. Initially, it looked like a gamble but looking at the pattern of the exam and my ranks, It turned out to be a masterstroke.

All the best.