How much 21 days lockdown will be helpful for fight against the Covid 19?


How much 21 days lockdown will be helpful for fight against the Covid 19 ??
Pls give some statistics.

Depends on trend of disease and community transmission…

The infected would get cured within 2-3 weeks , may be … so if we stay 3 weeks in, they would treat the infected and stop spreading of disease to us if we stay in… after 3 weeks , there remains - the cured ones and the healthy home remainer … such that they stop transmission… it depends on the trends of upcoming cases … if the number of cases bounces high , then the quarantine time will increase too …

In most countries the severity increased in 3 n 4 th week. Cases multiplied . Tats y 21 days. India would b entering 4 th week. It’s abt flattening d curve

Frequency would have been reduced by even normal lockdown , but a lockdown of this quanta will definitely reduce Physical and social contacts .
Also meanwhile the already affected one will recieve appropriate treatment that would reduce the infected cases as well.
This would bring cases to a very low level and would take further sincere efforts (Not Lockdown as such ) for another 1 month to get subsided.
Can’t be eradicated.
So as of now we have only this as the remedy and is utmost necessary for everyone of us to follow it strictly.

Lockdown is due to The " Hammer and Dance theory"
Hammer begins with lockdown
Dance phase then continue with Quarantine of cases

In India we only test the symptomatic cases till now…So asymptomatic cases are also present in between people… During lockdown we should test more suspected ones…It will be more helpful…

If it is not significantly good, do u think our country will make this decision that can even cripple it economically? Its like risks vs benefit… lockdown more beneficial than the recession to follow…