How to do the registration for upcoming aiims exam!


How to do the registration for upcoming aiims exam !!!
I have already did it for the last exam and I couldn’t able to do the next level registration as I held up with some personal issues. But now when I am about to do the basic registration, it says I was already registered and then I got my credentials back through email except the code. Without that code, I am unable to access my application. So anyone knows what is the solution :cry::cry::cry::cry:!?!?!?

Call on the helpline of AIIMS tomorrow … They will tell you the code …

The only obstacle in this is they should receive your call. So spend a day behind it … Keep trying they will receive your call for sure

Why r u thinking so much if u have any issue n confussion with the old registration, do it again, gain do your fresh registration with different email id, phone no.