How to find the GST rates for diamond rings?



My friend family is getting more money. His father is getting more money from their business. Next week he will get engagement function. So he needs to present the diamond ring for their future wife. He is asking me to choose the best collection. I am really surprised. I cannot get idea for choose the diamond rings. I cannot see still now. I need to know the rate of diamond and also Is GST rates is available for that. What is the real rate of GST in diamond rings and other products? Did you get any reference means share me here. I am getting some problem in GST rates for buying the gold bangles. Diamond rings are looking bright and very beautiful also. I am getting interest to get the all product’s GST rates and exact prices also. i need you helps for collecting those details here. I am reading some of customer’s reviews about buying the Diamond products. It is getting more rates for GST rates. Is it real? I can manage my amount and save it for buying the gold coin.

I need the helpful articles and recommended features about the GST news. What is GST Returns Filing for diamond business? What is the benefit for buying that related products? I need to know the diamond business and how much rates of GST and taxes are included in that. I have more time to try forgetting the details. But i cannot get the exact answer. I am given the details and all prices to my friend. He is collecting their bill with details also. Now I need your suggestions and reviews about the diamond business. Is it possible for normal people to buy the small diamond things? Reply me here. I am available in online chat. I need your review fast