How to fulfill folic acid lack?


Symptoms that describe folic acid.

Every adult person should make 400 Micro-Gram Folic Acid Body and it is one of the symbols of healthy human being. Folic Acid or vitamin b nạỷn is extremely important for health which is the repair of dna, blood The use of red cells of red cells helps in multiple important functions. If there is shortage of folic acid in the body, it can also be facing specific symptoms, like a disease. The Body’s inner ạʿḍạʾḵw in the proper amount of the body during the lack of ạy̰ny̰my̰ạ or blood. Can’t find that as a result they don’t work well.

The symptoms of lack of folic acid are as follows:

Py̰lạpn on skin

Field is a protein which is necessary for blood red cells, when the body is lack of folic acid, inside it is reduced to the red cells of blood and the level of field, as a result of the weakness of mslz, exhaustion, To listen to hands and feet and the skin of the skin is facing.

Mental problems facing

Folic Acid is an extremely important part for the central nervous system, if there is lack of it in the body, you can face depression, the thoughts can be difficult to focus while things can also face the cẖڑcẖڑے pin with the forgetful. If it is the most important part of the cẖڑcẖڑے. If there is no control over the lack of lack, then there can be a danger of serious or Alzheimers.

Being pain in the body

The brain on being ạy̰ny̰mạ by lack of folic acid gets oxygen less, in his response the mental artery looks like swjnے and the headache is complaining, only mind does not face this problem but also iron other parts of the body. Due to lack of lack of problems, there are problems in the middle chest and legs.

Having difficulty breathing

If you know that the work that was used to relax first, but now it goes to flowers while doing them, it means that there is shortage of oxygen due to lack of red cells inside the body, hits the breath. The speed of the heartbeat is being fast or the feeling of faint is also other symptoms.

Being blisters in the mouth

These symptoms usually come in front when folic acid lack too much. Language can be made in this form, red or shiny. As a result of the lack of red cells, it could be a sense of suffering. Is.

Being impressed by the unconscious of taste

According to various medical research reports, the sense of feeling of eating the taste of folic acid is also inspired as it could not send the brain to the brain through the ry̰sy̰pٹr nervous system.

System of system ہạḍmہ

Heart Mtlạnạ, being vomiting, pain in stomach and after eating cholera are usually one of the initial symptoms of folic acid in the body.

How to fulfill folic acid lack?

The good news is that easily through diet can make the reduction of folic acid, like the green leaves of vegetables or the use of spinach or paf etc.

This is how sour fruit, seed, mushroom and more use of commodities is also beneficial.

If the symptoms are facing above the symptoms, then refer to your doctor and be diagnosed, so that they can suggest the change in the diet.