How to keep meat safe for a long time?

How to keep meat safe for a long time?

On the day of Eid, every woman is worried about how to save meat so that the meat can be used for a long time.

Animal sacrifice at home, save the meat of sacrifice from friends and relatives and relatives and keeping this meat in the future is not less than challenge for every lady and when you have a fridge If there is no facility, this work becomes difficult.

Middle and rich families are not only big fridge but deep fry̰zrz, as much as they want, the meat of sacrifice can be saved according to the principles of health. Fridge and fry̰zrmy̰ں to keep the meat safe. Need it.

Food experts say that meat can be protected in freezer or fridge for two months, this is how to avoid doing the temperature of fridge temperature repeatedly and more, it can affect the health of meat.

In a few families, the meat is put to fry or fry, so that it can be used for a few days, this is how the way to keep meat dry in the form of grill is better, Dry Grill Almost 4 Not bad for 6 months.

By cutting the meat of the sacrifice in the form of parks and put garlic ginger and salt in the light of the sun is also a lot of hard work in which women have to stay completely busy.

Clean your fridge and freezer two days before Eid, remove the film items, cleaning the freezer and spread the ạlmwny̰m or subtle plastic on it so that meat packets can’t sticks on the surface of the freezer and the freezer Put a glycerin on it will make it easy to remove jimmy snow.

If you have a fridge facility, first guess how many kilos of meat can be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Don’t delay the sacrifice meat in freezer and fridge, it can attack on leaving meat for two hours out of the fridge, it can spoil meat.

The skins against meat can remain safe for a long time because the water is either less or not, the meat has 90 % of water, it is better to dry the meat with clothes then in the fridge Keep it well closed in plastic themes.

If you have meat in the freezer, don’t keep other fruits and vegetables in it because meat can spoil these things.

Keeping meat in a quick freezer does not find bacteria growth, which uses meat for a few days.

Remove the fat with meat and pack it well in plastic bag or ạlmwny̰m bag, as much as the fat is less with meat will be safe.

Instead of meat, it can be saved by making ground, it is better if it is made, it is better.

Immediately after the sacrifice, the trend of kidney in the houses is common, check out the health of the key before cooking, see whether there is a hole in the key, or the color of the key is not changed. If you see something like this, don’t cook this key because it can complain about food pointing.

During the sacrifice, the most important and attention is that do not divide the meat of sacrifice in the paper of the paper and not keep it because ink includes the body which is extremely dangerous for human health.