How to satisfy your partner?


Sexual relationships:

How to satisfy your partner?

After preparation and caresses, there are three phases that man must follow to satisfy his wife, it is about:

  • penetration,
  • orgasm
  • rest.

The penetration phase
After the caresses, once the woman finds that she lubed up, she invites the man to penetrate him. Penetration is slowly and rhythmic (from the movement of VA and comes).
The woman on her side has to make movements (left-right, front-back, high-bottom) so as to present the walls of her sex to the gland of man.

The phase of orgasm
Orgasm is the maximum level of sexual pleasure. In Women, orgasm is remarkable by the following signs:

  • contraction of the muscles of the lower-belly region;
  • a strong sensation of pleasure at the levels of the clitoris, the vagina, and the womb;
  • the swelling and congestion of the lips;
  • retraction of the clitoris under his hood;
  • erection of nipples (or thélotisme);
  • the erection of the hair (goosebumps);
  • the speed of the breath and the blood pressure;
  • appearance of the redness on the skin, the eyes, the nose, the face;
  • the tightening of the vagina;
  • female ejaculation (secretion of a few drops of liquids).

NB: all its reactions of the body are accompanied very often by the expressions of pleasure. Ex: cries, whistles, laughter, howling, tears of pleasure in women.
However, some women are so reserved, that they do not express their pleasure.

The question that will have to be asked is to know, how to bring his wife to orgasm?

To answer this, first you have to know the type of woman you have. In fact, we distinguish 4 types of women:
1-the women clitoridiennes
2-Women G (or point g)
3-the vaginal women
4-the cervical women

1-the women clitoridiennes
For these kinds of women, they almost don’t reach the pleasure (orgasm) by the penetration of the penis.
They reach orgasm only if you touch the clitoris tenderly. Thus, you will have to adopt a suitable position (for example gynecological position) so that man arrives at the same time penetrate and stimulate the clitoris with the hand.

2-the women of point g
The point g is a kind of small button located in the northern part of the vagina, just a few inches from the entrance. Point G provides women’s pleasure more than the clitoris. Like the clitoris, point g is never stimulated not the penis, but by the touching of the finger.

3-the vaginal women
This kind of women do not support the stimulation of the clitoris, their pleasure is caused by the contact of the penis and the walls of the vagina. Thus, man must avoid penetrating straight, he must seek to touch the sides and make a lot of movements.

They love a lot that the penis of man is hanging out for a long time inside the vagina. They also also like to do too many movements, question of allowing the penis of man to touch the sides of the vagina.

NB: Finally, it’s the kind of women who love big penises, they really like to feel the penis inside well glued and tight.

4-the cervical women
This is the type of women who reach the pleasure if the penis touches to the end (at the cervix), so a strong penetration. This guy loves a very long penis.

You will see that if the man is above these women, they tighten the man stronger. They prefer much more advanced, gynecological, missionary positions but that it is itself above man in order to achieve a strong penetration.

NB: it is important that the man seeks to discover the type of woman who is in front of him. There are also women who are very sensitive to two, even three elements quoted above.

NB: Finally, if man puts less time to wait for orgasm, the woman takes more time, from where man must be patient and not in a hurry.

The phase of rest
After the orgasm, all organs resume their state and normal operation. We feel an impression of relaxation (fatigue or rest). It is important, after the ejaculation, to stay paste for a while before looking to get ready.

After this time, the man and the woman will comment on the moment of the pleasure they have just passed by each other. Refusing to speak after sex is useless hypocrisy.

Attention: man, after having ejaculate, feels fatigue and seeks quickly to rest, but the woman is able to multiply 3 orgasms without resting.
In addition, man reaches very quickly orgasm and goes down as fast, on the other hand, the woman reaches the orgasm late and goes down also late.

So, it’s not because you have ejaculated and it’s over, that you have to release the woman quickly and sleep. The woman is not a well of water in which we come to pour water to quickly leave. It’s a big mistake, because by leaving your wife with the taste of unfinished it leads to frustration.

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