How to take care of lion in summer?


How to take care of lion in summer?

With the arrival of summer, the big one is ready to compete with him. Like to provide moisture to yourself, to stay in the house and drink as much as possible. This is how the infant children need to be bcẖạỷw by the heat too. It is and they are the needy of their parents. Because some times the heat is not tolerated for them.
According to a report the last month, eight children were killed due to the poor arrangement of air condition in the district headquarters ہạspٹl sahiwal. After this, Punjab Health Department issued a statement according to which this type of incident responsible for this type of incident. ہẠspٹl and ڈạḵٹrzہwں gay. We can’t even ignore that little kids also need full caution in the heat. Because of the heat they can hunt many problems of health and that already in a disease I need to be more careful.

The General Secretary, the general secretary of the children, the diseases, the consultant of the children of diseases, the professor Dr. Muhammad Khalid Shafi, says that the hospital’s construction of the hospital is being ignored to the installation of air condition.
" Unfortunately, the system of the passing of the air in our country is not right. If you stop doing a thing there, it is difficult to stand an hour due to suffocation. Not to be the right system of the wind. Due to the dangerous results, they will be in front of the dangerous results.
On the other hand, there should be a wind of air in houses. In the heat of the heat, the children should not be taken care of the children, but due to the lack of strength in children, it affects them badly.
He further said that hard weather also suffers the body compared to diseases.

Attention demand symptoms:
Germs and bacteria are in the heat faster. This is why small children can be victims of the lack of diseases due to heat.
The Medical Officer of the children of mayo ہạspٹl, ڈạḵٹrʿmrạn shah says that severe heat and extreme cold both are dangerous for small children. But the children of summer my̰ںcẖھ month should give the milk of mother. 80 % of water in mother’s milk Hai and like this doesn’t let the water shortage in the body of the child
One of the doctor shafi is also suggested that lion should be given the milk of mother in the day instead of water in the day. ’ if you don’t appear, focus on other signs. Because when the heat shows the effect, the child It becomes restless and leaves to drink milk

Use Natural Resources:
Mayo ہẠspٹl come from many parents come from the villages and the trouble express that they could not be able to comfort the children due to electricity and air condition in the deals.
Dr. Shah give salah to the parent that in such a situation the children of the tree should be my̰ںlٹạy̰ạ to save the flames and the heat ’ they further say that the child should be nہlạy̰ạ 2۔3 times in the day.
Those who bathe early quickly keep safe from the summer, which the kids are most affected by the heat. These grains are over at a time, but they go to the ạgry̰ہ and don’t get ok.

Ways to save children from hat strokes:
Dr. Shah tell me if there is a shortage of water in the body of the child, the skin goes inside the skin between the head of twbcẖے, the skin and the tongue is dry and the dark yellow urine comes. in such a way parents are responsibility that he baby Do not leave the house from 11 am to 5 pm in the morning so that their child is safe from the sharp sun.
More that in Pakistan often the parents are wrap up the child. But the expert children of Zia-UD-din ہạspٹl, Dr. Zain Yousuf Ali advise that the child should be therein light and soften clothes instead of wrapping like this. BIGGER THAN 6 months The children who say about the water to suck water, it is said that the child is ạblạ to save from diseases, the water should be given. Often the patient say that we drink the filtering water, I always say that there is no benefit of it , that’s why it’s better to get the water 15 to 20 minutes.
It is also important to keep the house clean because the shit are the victim of the let and the overturned. ’ if we do not keep the environment clear, the chances of cholera increase increase ۔’’