Humanity is gone


I went to market yesterday to pick up few stuff for the family with the little money in my hand.
When I got to the market I could not buy anything.
Do you know why? Everything is on the high side.
Look at water a bag is sold for N150 and no more N100 in my place and a satchel is sold for N20. See the yam in the picture that yam is N400.
Some said during our discussion 2days ago that fruits are very cheap but look at that oranges in that picture I bought for N400
See lemon N100 each.
I don’t want to talk about other food items.
My question :
Why is it that humanity has left us? Why do we take advantage in every situation?
People are :running_man: helta scalter in search of food for the situation in the country and some people have mind to skyrocket the price of food stuffs in the market.
I thought this period would have been a period for sober reflection. Period for charity. There is a killer in the land, that supposed to make us think about Vanity of life.

Why is there no humanity again on the surface of the earth? Why is everything :moneybag:.
A carton of indomie noddle is sold @ N4000. A pentre of garri as at yesterday in my area was #700, before now it was #400,then I asked for what?
I don’t know if the companies that produces this items added money or our people are just taking undue advantage.
Anything food, does it suppose to add money now we are in this panic of this killer disease and total knockdown?
Have we forgotten that all fingers are not equal. Some can not even boast of a cup of garri in their :house_with_garden: yet no one cares. Why is everything about :moneybag:? Where is humanity?
Have we seen why God is angry with mankind. Have we seen why corona virus pandemic?
Human beings are mean. I don’t know about other African countries am only speaking about Nigeria my country.
We are not celebrating anything this time rather we are :running_man: for our dear lives why then will the means of survival be like this? What will the common man do?
So many questions on my mind. I weep for our quest for :moneybag: (money)
If we escape the coronavirus believe me some may not escape Hunger virus.
Am not blaming the sellers rather I blame our government(our leaders) who does not put common man into consideration before making a policy. If they did, market sellers will not have the gut to hike price because no body will buy and when no one buys they will be forced to keep it the normal price. To make maters worse some state government did not pay their workers, some private sectors didn’t pay their workers. Some are even owing their workers 2-3 months salary and you say to them stock their house. With which :moneybag: will they stock the house. There are those is until they go out in a day they will be able to fetch for themselves. Now what will be their fate?
The situation in the country is bad and so we should be our brothers keeper.
I advice if you have more food stuff in your store roam or you are capable, please and please check on that your next door neighbor if they have food for their children or not, even the singles around you please don’t keep quiet, give them a shoulder to lean on. Give them food to eat. Remember the word of God, I was hungry but you fed me not. Please help people around you. Be the answer to their secret prayers.
God bless each and everyone of us.

Not only in Nigeria but also in Zambia the :raised_hand: hand sanitizer which is sold on k20 now is k180 you see the difference