I am a Non-US IMG, scored 233 in Step 1 and Step 2 CS passed

Need Step 2 CK Tutor

About me: I am a Non-US IMG, scored 233 in Step 1 and Step 2 CS passed. I am preparing for Step 2 CK for past 3 months, and gave NBME 7 4-wks ago and scored a 197. I have been doing OME, UW and UW-Notes since then and gave UWSA2 today and scored 50% (completed only first 2 blocks and stopped). Clearly I have been doing something wrong and need help to prepare as I am aiming to give exam in 2 months and targeting a 250+.

I am looking for: around 4-8 hours per day 1 on 1 tutoring sessions for the next 2-6 weeks, where we can together solve UW questions and you can watch and guide me on what I am missing and how I should approach and improve. We can measure my progress over time. I am based out of India, flexible on timing and study any timezone, whatever works for you.

I am aiming for a 250+ score and if you believe you can help me improve, please DM me with your scores, experience of USMLE score improvements with other candidates, other tutoring experience and weekly/daily/hourly cost.