I am a old graduate and a mommy of two

I am a old graduate and a mommy of two, basically little one is under 1 yr so all dependent on me, right now because of COVID situation can’t even think of sending to day care, even getting help at home is difficult, but then from last so many year my hurdles been different but they were there, I am really tired of buying new addition of FA every year, today thinking if doing GRE and then it just to my mind that I know this thing at least so I should stick to this only,

so Today I am deciding to give my 100% to this exam this last time, every single day I have to achieve my goal.

I want to start a post for everyone who are like me, so that if we update by the end of day how much we did in term of our goal to motivate each other, Goal is personal, but making a daily goal is important I feel.

Actually I have no where and no one to tell about my goal, so I believe I will find someone here.

depressed from inside BUT trying to control my emotion, don’t know if I can get into residency or not but at least I don’t want to quit with a feeling that I could have tried harder, what time is gone is already gone it will not come back so no point in crying about it anymore, so better to change one day.

friends please come help me, motivate me, and may be I can motivate some of you too…

Will post what I did everyday by the end of day, some day can be harder then other but its all about consistency…