I am Javaria, a fellow IMG, starting Core Surgical Training in August

I am Javaria, a fellow IMG, starting Core Surgical Training in August.
I am a graduate from Pakistan. For transparency reasons, I did apply to CST last year but hard luck. However, I have been successful in securing a post in one of my Top choice programs this year. Been to this interview twice puts me in a stronger position to guide you even more.

I had a high scoring portfolio all done during my first job in the UK. There is barely anything I have done thereafter apart from continued professional development.

I am putting guidance together to help anyone who wishes to pursue a surgical career in the UK and I will be posting it over course of days as we unwind from the current COVID situation and I gain a bit more time on my hands, so bear with me.

You can check them out on https://scrubbedwithaesthetics.com/blog/

If there are certain aspects you want me to post guidance on as a priority then drop a comment and I will work on that first

I often see IMGs worry about the quality of life when opting for a competitive specialty or just any specialty in general. I have curated this blog around snippets from my lifestyle as well to reassure there can be reasonable work-life balance while working in the UK. If it’s not something that interests you can ignore it altogether.

Don’t give up on your goals, work hard, and triumph. Prove the naysayers wrong.