I am now Post-Op day 3!

I am now Post-Op day 3!! These pictures were taken on Post-Op day 2 when I was able to remove my bandages. The pain and swelling is definitely still here, trying so hard to ween off my hardcore pain meds but I can’t even move the damn thing without feeling like it’s just gonna snap off. When does moving it/walking on it make it feel better?? When did everyone stop religiously taking Tylenol?? I love this group BTW

My friend I won’t sugar coat it. You have some hard days ahead. Mine still wakes me up all night long. You will need to fight through that pain and get to doing some legs raises. I know it seems like your leg muscles aren’t there and they won’t fire when you command them, but they will. You may also want to buy an E Stem also and get those muscles going. I stem about five hours a day. Don’t forget your ankle pumps either. You got this my friend. Praying for uou

I’m 6 days now and can flex to about 80 degrees and almost extend it fully. I’m 31 and also had a hamstring graft for reference. It is still uncomfortable at times but I’m alot more mobile than I was. Have tried to do a bit too much today and crashed a bit this afternoon! Keep up with the Ice and good luck!