I am posting this just to pay back to this amazing group

I am posting this just to pay back to this amazing group.

Matched into Internal Medicine with following credentials:
USMLE Step 1 250s
USMLE Step 2 CK 260s
USMLE Step 2 CS Pass First Attempt
Visa requiring IMG
3 months USCE
3 research publications
YOG 2018
17 interviews received

What I have learned through the process was to write your personal statement and CV very carefully. I will emphasize with the fact that I mentioned about Factor V Leiden mutation case while I was describing my USCE. And the interviewer appreciated by saying that it shows how much you love medicine.

Also something I would like to emphasize is that interview is all about how you present yourself. Whatever you had done in life, you have to say it in.a way that it catches their attention. For instance, I did some volunteer work while my city was having some health crisis. I explained them how I participated in improving the healthcare and the interviewer was impressed that we need people like you who can understand the healthcare system. I am sure all of you had done somethjng significant in life but you need to think and say it in a better way. So my advice is when you write something in your CV, have a framework what you will say when they ask you about that.

Also never tell them your weakness. Your application might not be perfect but you need to be confident and tell them about your strengths. They are looking for red flags when they ask you a behavioral or weakness questions, so make sure what you say. Avoid talking about mental or physical illness in talking about your life challenges. Always bring the focus on your strengths.

If you need help with anything, I will try to help as much as I can. And I wish success for everyone.