I am stuck in a situation n need advice regarding the same

Hello friends. I am stuck in a situation n need advice regarding the same.
My home country is India n I’m in Qatar right now. I accepted a job offer n I asked them to issue COS with Qatar’s address as at that time due to COVID, it was not possible to go to my home country for applying tier 2 visa.
Plus i was supposed to get resident permit from Qatar n apply for visa from Qatar.
I’m waiting since long but today ministry confirmed that Resident permit are not being issued n they r not sure whether it will be issued by next month also or not.
My last date to apply visa on COS is 21 November. But I’m not sure whether il get RP in Qatar by then n will be able to apply for visa from here.
Can I ask my trust to issue COS again with Indian address as to n fro flights from India r open now n I can easily apply from there.
I called UK immigration as well but they said I cannot apply for visa from a country where I do not have RP whatever situation might be.

Sorry for the long post. I hope I made my point clear. Please give your valuable advices. It is written in my COS that if It got cancelled, then I have to pay, which I’m ready to pay. But can I get COS issued again.

U just ask ur HR to add into sponsor note about ur change of address…there is no need of new COS. Just in sponsor note they can write. Also, even that is not needed. U can explain that in ur Visa application. No big deal. Apply for Visa application quickly as things are getting worse every passing week