I developed this rash (pic 1) on my chest

Thank you for letting me join…I’m in my 50s & have never had any skin issues before. In late December I developed this rash (pic 1) on my chest, no where else. My GP prescribed prednisone & a topical steroid cream. It cleared up for about 2 weeks & came back with a vengeance (other pics are my back, front torso & it’s in my scalp). GP this time gave me a steroid shot, more steroid cream & zyrtec & referred me to a dermatologist (appt is 2 weeks away). None of these touched it this time. DX- atopic dermatitis. Last week I went to the ER I was so miserable, steroid & benadryl shot, more zyrtec, more cream, 10 days of prednisone & pepcid & I’ve still had no relief, DX also atopic dermatitis. I’m going absolutely nuts itching. Can’t sleep, I’m irritable & my kids are getting the brunt of all of this…So any & all suggestions is very welcomed. I’ve had approx 6 hours of sleep total in 4 days. *edited to say - My 5 yr old is skin sensitive so we only use hypoallergenic & unscented soaps, detergent, creams etc. No perfumes, dyes, no household cleaners except vinegar & EO.