I don’t have my score yet and likely won’t until next Wednesday but for those of you struggling know this


I don’t have my score yet and likely won’t until next Wednesday but for those of you struggling know this:

I didn’t graduate high school (I now hold almost 2 degrees and am a qualified anatomy professor)
I was pronounced brain dead at 17 and subsequently a permanent paraplegic (I completed a 24 mile race last year in 4 hours, I can run thank you and I’m far from brain dead)
Mental health has been a tough road for me, far tougher than any physical illness (I feel qualified to comment given multi organ failure and paralysis)
I was diagnosed with BPD at 31 (no I’m not a neurotic, hysterical nut job despite UWorld question stems)
I weighed 78lbs in my 20s and after 17 years I cured myself of anorexia (the doctors are essentially useless in this area still, the treatment I received was being sat on and manually force fed- this is now illegal).
I take NO medications despite being prescribed every psychiatric drug on the market bar lithium. I manage my mind with running and lifestyle, I wish to be a psychiatrist to prove that not everyone needs drugging up to the eye balls.
I have such severe OCD it occupied my thoughts throughout the exam. It’s the next obstacle I have to conquer.
My nbmes were 240s when I took the step, I did not study more than 6hrs a day and not every day. I had hip surgery during prep due to previous mobility issues, I got engaged, I moved house and had yet another lumbar puncture. I’ve had meningitis twice. I had such severe headaches I was hospitalised. I’ve spent a lot of my life in hospital :joy:
I never technically finished FA.
I did Pathoma once not 5 times.
I did not spend 5 hrs a day doing 40 UWorld questions but if you do that’s fine too!
People contact me as they feel like giving up because they can’t study 12-14 hours a day. Who does really? I mean really? I’m 35 with commitments and a life, a life outside of medicine that is equally as important as any exam, and that’s ok.
Run your own race. I was told I’d never do any of what I’ve done, words are cheap. Did I listen? Hell no. This waiting period is horrendous honestly but have I fallen apart like a ‘typical BPD’? I’ve drunken a lot of coffee, I’m ok and you will all be ok. Have faith in yourselves, life is messy, it’s complicated, and there is success throughout!
You only truly fail when you stop trying. Don’t let others intimidate you out of trying, you are better than that.