I don't understand why everyone is worried about how much pay you get in metro after MD paeds & medicine

I don’t understand why everyone is worried about how much pay you get in metro after MD paeds & medicine… why not one think of starting private practice… one can earn more than his salary… am i wrong ? Correct me if i am

Starting a private practice requires huge investment.

Even for starting a clinic if investment is not needed then also it requires lots of paperwork from the side of govt.

Hence not everyone wants to go through that Hassel of “sarkaari kaam”

Md Shoyaib
u just need a medical shop guy… He’ll take care of rent n clinic approval at most places… It’s ur skill for survival

if everyone will think like this than who will replace the old well established dr in good city going to retire from their practice

Competition, government process,if cities big time investment- small town small investment but the lag time to make up enough patients to earn decent, apart from that politics not only actual politician but the local drug store to other clinicians, then also litigations will have addressed alone you will have to pay yourself alone for cost of it , And then comes a guarantee to monthly salary. May be there are a few more…

no investment in starting non surgical practice… rs 500 fee and only 10 patients a day (in this huge populated country you can get 50 patient a day ) makes 5000 a day and 1.5 lakh a month more than your salary after md… and you are your own boss… competition toh har jagah hai.

Starting a pvt clinic is the best you can do .

First select the area where you want to do your clinic .

Find an NGO running a free clinic in the area , or a corporation / municipality hospital / clinic in the area { if you are lucky you might even get a contractual job in the civic body} . Whatever , start seeing patients for free in that setup . Let people know you then in 6 months time slowly open your paid chamber and if you are competent you will get patients .

Secondly get a senior very senior doctor around the area and start sending him a few referals , slowly with his / her permission start putting up your patients in the nearest good nursing home and immediately request the senior to come and see the patient and give his opinion call in a few others of other specialities . Final treatment is ofcourse what you write in the bed ticket .

Doing this you will have a group of specialists of your own and in a few years they will gain confidence in you and call you for their cases .

But remember please carry on that free chamber in the NGO or corporation . That is very very important .

Do this you will not have to look back .

It’s very important or else you will loose your reputation , no of patients will reduce , all will go wary . Continue that free clinic with all your zeel and perseverance .