I figured since this group has helped me so much I wanted to write about my PLAB experience


Right so, this is long overdue. I figured since this group has helped me so much I wanted to write about my PLAB experience. I did my IELTS and PLAB 1 during my internship in India, and I don’t know about other countries but in India is very very hectic, with regular 36 hour shifts and loads of (paper) work on top of procedures etc. The way I tackled this was I invested in a 8.0 inch tablet (Samsung galaxy tab S2) and a stylus. This tab was small enough to fit in my white coat and scrubs pockets and was indispensable to my preparation. All my books were on as PDFs and it was strictly for work. No movies or music in that device, no chance to be distracted. The stylus let me write notes free hand and highlight when I wanted. Combined usage of adobe acrobat reader, Microsoft Onenote and Google Keep helped me with my portable digital workstation.

I gave IELTS in June 2017 and got a score of 8.5 overall.
I did this by studying in detail the Cambridge guide to IELTS. Since I was an English speaker from an early age the key for me was to figure out what exactly they wanted to test in the exam. In this regard the book was fantastic, and contained the information I needed. Additional resources were band 9 speaking and writing samples I downloaded from the internet. With these resources I was able to get a good score and cross that barrier in the first attempt

  1. PLAB 1 (Nov 2017)
    PLAB 1 was tricky since time and sleep were not luxuries I could afford. I was in internship and most of my friends were relaxing and partying in their free time. It was difficult sometimes, to not go and follow the crowd, but the trick I found was to so deeply immerse myself with the study, that those things ceased to matter. I prepared for around 3 months, my material was mainly Sush unity, Khalids 1700 with explanations, plabbable and I ended with Swamy’s mock exams. The mock exams were by far the most useful and high yield for me in this aspect. I dedicated as much time as I could and made a set of personal notes. I cannot stress enough how important they are. They contain the info I did not know. It was divided subject wise and did not have all the information, just the areas I tended to do mistakes in. All in all I must have solved 3-4k qns, and that was the key in my opinion.

  2. PLAB 2 (Oct 2018)
    This is the most straight forward, provided you fly to the UK and join an academy. I joined swamy and he told me what I needed to do, I did that and passed without hassle.

  3. Registration:
    GMC registration is a simple process now and took me 15 days from the day I applied. Some of my friends have had it done in under a week, even 4 days. So have your documents in order and it will be fine. The only advice I will give here is, DON’T LIE. Be honest, tell them what happened and when, and then give evidence. It works.

  4. Job:
    Getting a job is a matter of quantity, so apply daily everywhere, till you get interviews.

I am currently going to apply for Visa. I know this is super late, but I hope it helped