I got allotted at GMCH, Chandigarh


I got allotted at GMCH, Chandigarh… In state counselling I have been alloted at tirunelveli med. College… I am service candidate from tamilnadu… Now I have to get my originals from tirunelveli and have to get migration certificate from university… Wednesday, Thurs, Friday are govt holidays in tamilnadu… Whether on these days can we get our originals and migration certificate??.. Pls help

they have asked the colleges to keep the counters open during holidays as well,call up hospital administration once

One can get back the originals on all days except the local election date

if u have all other originals with u, u can submit migration later on …apply fr it in tatkal show applied receipt to college …,but report to college first …

This week thursday Friday Saturday Sunday nothing will function so u can get it on monday

You are service candidate…if you will take seat outside your state.you will be sanctioned study leave which is I guess Half Paid??? Correct me if I’m wrong!!!

you can get those certificates before state second counselling