I had my first acl reconstruction last year 2019

A little bit about me… i had my first acl reconstruction last year 2019 something went wrong and i fell sick to three infections i was on antibiotics for a little over a year and he took me off of them about 5 months ago. Over the course ive had seven surgeries most of them cleanouts and the last one being him putting the hardware back in. And now just 2 weeks ago i just found out i have another infection and im 8 months post op. Its called cellulitis so im on more and more antibiotics. No matter what i take im still in unbearable pain i dont even want to get out of bed half the time. I take mainly ibruprofen and ice but i still have alot of swelling i was just wonderimg if anyone out there has been through something similar. I was a competitive softball player for 11 years and i havent even ran for a year cause i cant. Its like i cant do anything i used to be able to do. Im also way behind in PT because of my lack of progress. And advice is welcomed
ALSO: me and my mom have told the surgeon multiple times im allergic to certain metals and he doesnt think that matters.
hes always said he was gonna send me to a new doctor because he doesnt know what else to do to help me. Its just hard cause theres limited doctors that will take my insurance and limited doctors that will take me because im considered a high risk patient
So sorry Jessica , don’t think there would be many here who have gone through all this. There is a twofold issue , the pain and the immobility and perhaps they have to be addressed individually. It sounds very complex and a pain specialist may be able to help with the pain management.
Kieran Richardson
is a highly qualified Physio who would be a great choice to address your lack of functionality and does do worldwide Telehealth consults .
I’m so sorry to hear what your going through.

Keep reaching out, there has to be a DR that has better answers for you.

Hang in there, the right person is going to come your way.

Take care…