I had my LCL reconstruction, biceps femoris tendon repair

I had my LCL reconstruction, biceps femoris tendon repair, hamstring repair and a few other tendons repaired on September 8th. My left knee was a complete mess after a very nasty fall on August 16th. I was non weight bearing for 6 weeks. And I’ve done PT for 3 days a week since 2 weeks after surgery. Just got the news that my ACL reconstruction will be on December 11th. They are going to use a cadaver graft. I’m excited to finally get on the road to recovery. (Again) But the thought of going through all that pain AGAIN and right before Christmas has got me so nervous! My dr is confident that this recovery will go much smoother then the last

b/c I’ve got great range of motion and my leg is actually very strong. I still can’t help but be nervous!

I think my biggest fear is not so much the surgery itself, it’s the pain medication! I hate pain meds! Nothing is worse the being in pain and being  constipated!!!😬😩

I have 10 days to make Christmas magic for my kids! I’m going to need a Christmas miracle!