I have had diarrhea for over 4 weeks now. With terrible pains in my belly

I have had diarrhea for over 4 weeks now. With terrible pains in my belly. This week I took a turn for the worse as more symptoms like clammy, my face is covered in sweat but room is comfortable and it can. Last a few hours. More common in the morning. The diarrhea smells bad it made me gag. It was a Brown color but as of yesterday it turned to a reddish brown color. I’m extremely hungry but as soon as I eat even bland things, it goes right through me. I also get random triggers to vomit. I did vomit yesterday and I just took a drink of blue powerade and ran to bathroom and the vomit was dark, 2nd one was lighter and tasted like medication (I just took my pain meds for my back) another symptom is my back spasms from my neck all the way down to my butt (never had this before). I’m also so thirsty all the time and I tried to keep up w water intake bc I was expressing milk for baby but this event has caused me to dry up. I’m exhausted, dizzy, last nights event in the toilet was so painful and bad I almost asked my hubby to call an ambulance. Overnight I wake up covered in sweat. I cant think of any other symptoms right now.
I have spoke with my doc, he 1st put me on an antibiotic and it did nothing, now he ordered a stool sample which I dropped off yesterday. I need some relief I have 3 kids under 5yrs. I cant do anything I cancelled my jobs and i really need to be healthy esp w Christmas coming up. Anyone have any ideas what this is???
This needs a detailed history and to split the history of pain to make the differential diagnosis and then to make the most probable diagnose based on history… Your complaints can be related to stomach, pancreas and appendix and maybe to kidney and more… But it needs specific detailed history and some investigations!
I’m sorry for your pain and suffering. I will pray that God will heal you. I’m not a Doctor, but the antibiotics should have worked for most people with those symptoms in my opinion. The stool sample should reveal if it is a bacteria. If so it may require a different antibiotic. Make sure you take all of the antibiotics. If you don’t get answers soon go to an emergency room for help. Your life may depend on it. May God Bless you.