I have managed to pass PLAB 1 in November 2018


Alhamdulillah, I have managed to pass PLAB 1 in November 2018. I will try to share my experience for this exam for future Plabbers.

Preparation Time

Two and a half months.


139 out of 180

Study Material

  1. Samson’s Notes.
  2. Sush Unit 1700 questions, chapter-wise.
  3. Plabable online question bank.
  4. Pass Medicine online question bank.
  5. Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s 1700 questions.
  6. Recalls.
  7. Mocks.
  8. Clinchers.

Samson’s Notes, Sush Unit Files and Pass Medicine

I started going through Samson’s notes. I used to read chapters from the notes quickly, then jump to the same subject from Sush Unity files. I used to follow this up by solving the same chapter’s questions from Pass Medicine. Later, I found that Pass Medicine was a waste of time. For the rest of the chapters, I studied only from Samson’s notes and Sush Unity files. This took 6 weeks, which is a lot of time. But the bright side was that I managed to finish both Samson’s notes and Sush Unit files completely in addition to 70% of Pass Medicine questions, which is not bad after all.

Second Read of Samson’s Notes and 1700 by Dr. Khalid

I went through all of Samson’s notes quickly & followed it by solving the 1700 questions file made by Dr Khalid Sailfullah.

Third Read of Samson’s Notes

I gave Samson’s notes another super-fast read.


I subscribed to Plabable website and started with solving mocks. I felt that some questions kept repeating so I shifted to solving it subject-wise. Once I finished all the questions, I went again through the marked questions and the ones that I answered wrong the first time.

Swamy and Samson Mocks

I tried to solve a few mocks from Swamy and Samson but I found a lot of questions with unconvincing answers. So I did not try to solve more mocks.


I went through some clincher files. I made my own bullet-point clinchers which really helped me picking answers really fast in the exam.

The Exam

I managed to finish the exam with 45 minutes left.


Plabable is by far the most important source. You will have a lot of questions from Plabable because it is just a refined version of the 1700 file. You have to understand the concept not just memorize the answer.

Passmedicine is a well-established site. The thing that I liked the most was not the question bank they provide, but the explanation of answers. You can search through it easily which is a blessing that Plabable does not provide. Moreover, their explanations are marvellous and updated with the latest guidelines. I liked it very much. I do not recommend it if you are short of time, but I highly suggest to subscribe just for the explanations which was the only source I used as a reference.

At the end, I would like to say that the exam is easy & doable but do not underestimate it.