I hope I can be of help to someone at some point in this group

First, let me say Thank you for the add. I hope I can be of help to someone at some point in this group. I have a medical question, and as we are under lockdowns here in my area getting medical care unless an emergency is limited.

Several weeks ago I visited my family doctor after having a stabbing pain in my upper abdomen. I had my gallbladder removed years ago, so I was certain it was not this. After that happened I began having periodic episodes in which only my right leg will swell. (my feet are normally very thin) It will swell quickly and become tight and painful from swelling so much. During this episode, I will also have some numbness in my face, arm, and leg in addition to a metallic taste in my mouth. I also have bloating issues and nausea periodically. I had lab work and everything was goof according to the doctor. I did have a positive test for h.pylori and I have been on antibiotics the full 2 weeks. The doctor also says I have NASH of the liver. However, she did not address the metallic taste or leg swelling at all. I do not consume too much sodium or sweet foods but I do take in more soda than I should. I am working on that.