I injured my knee skiing a few years ago

Wondering if anyone has had the same, am awaiting an op but due to Covid has been pushed back to god knows when.

I injured my knee skiing a few years ago, one of the issues I have from it, is that my knee will randomly lock, from scans they’ve adv it’s because some of my ligament gets trapped in my knee cap.

This happens when I’m just sat on the sofa watching tv my leg will just lock, the previous times it has, it’s then sorted itself out after a few days (max 5 days) of rest etc but I’m now on my 8th day of it being locked (I do have movement but can’t fully straighten or bend or weight bare & swelling has gone down from it being my whole leg to just some around my actual knee now.

I’ve pretty much just tried to rest it & hope it pops back in like previous times but am now getting a bit concerned and loosing patience and wondered whether there’s anything I can do to get it back in myself?

When this happened before I went to hospital with it and they didn’t know what to do and just advised rest…