I’m 5 months post op on my left knee (full acl reconstruction)


I’m 5 months post op on my left knee (full acl reconstruction).
My surgical knee gets tight from time to time but I expected that and stretch and it seems fine all things considered.
My concern is with my right knee.
It’s incredibly tight, and uncomfortable no matter how much I stretch it. It has even swelled to the point I had to ice it.

It makes me feel like I am going to break it or tear something on the other leg too.

Any one else go through this?

YES! I’m now 10 months PO and my non-surgical leg has been like this since about 2 months PO. Are your glutes or quads tight in your nonsurgical leg. I believe tight muscles (from overcompensation, poor posture, etc) can pull on our patellas inappropriately and cause that tight, swollen, clicking feeling. I foam roll, stretch, use heat, etc on my non-surgical leg but the only thing that (temporarily) helps is a deep tissue massage. It helps for a day or two and then things get tight again.