I m 6 days post op and doing quite well

Hi everyone, I m 6 days post op and doing quite well. The group helped a lot, thanx!

I have had less pain then expected (take the prescribed meds), have almost full extension (but I have had it pre op too). My leg rests flat on the bad, no need for pillows because of discomfort. I m struggling with flexion a bit because my knee still swells after flexing attempts but was told it s not such a big deal like the extension at the moment.

Do the excercises physio gave me everyday, the next appointment with the doc is in 6 days.

Now to the issue - my back is killing me.

I lay in the same position almost whole day and of course night (no brace - but I don t move an inch out of fear the whole night). I d sleep just fine but the back pain wakes me every night - I then move from bed to sofa and sleep a little longer. Now it started to bother at daytime too. In normal life I need to move to avoid back pain - but its difficult at least for the next 5 weeks…

Anyone else experiencing this? Any tipps?
I think more moving around and strengthening your back would be good. You are allowed to bear weight and walk with crutches?

I was 7 days post op Monday and started upper body training again. Lots of it by sitting on a chair and using dumbbells, but also doing crunches, dumbbell press while lying on the floor, etc. It helped a lot for my shoulders and back.
I think you are allowed to move at night… at least I am… I sleep on my side and turn around from time to time. Ask your PT to be sure.
thx for the tip, I realised I forgot the type of surgery - it was an ACL reconstruction and menisectomy. I m not allowed to move at night for 6 weeks until the graft heals.

I must use crutches, up to 20 kg on the leg.

Have tried to move the upoer body a bit - and it feels better but it s the lower back that hurts 😢

I guess it s going to get better with time…